Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Turkey town

4:30 wed morning memories:

I went places today, yesterday, that day that just passed for me. I went to 6 flags. Ohhhh boy. July 12, 2005 is the day that I had fun. I was crushed before my day started but, alas, that is not a story that I will tell you, ya random web browsing person. It was my birthday. I started out today with no contact from anyone I cared about. No one had written me an e-mail or a note or given me a phone call at midnight or nothin'. I was bitter. So I did what any bitter person in my situation would do, I went to an amusment park... to be amused. I was amused to say the least. Where 'shall' I start. I waiting in a 2 hour line, in the rain, at 11 am, to ride a 45 second rollercoaster. I've done some on the math and that means that I spent 0.6% of the 2 hours in that area actually enjoying a ride. But it was nice, nice, nice. (sings along to Andrew Bird for a second, no relation to the story that I'm trying to tell). It was a Superman ride, one where you are actually horizontal, and it blew my mind. After those 2 hours of waiting for seconds of satisfaction (why does that sentence bother me so much, hummmmm....) I went on every ride that the park had to offer. Batman, Vertical Velocity, De Ja Vu, Viper, American Eagle, Raging bull (aka Chang, don't worry we will get there), Iron wolf (which I [appropreatly] renamed Iron Wedggie), Hell-E-Vater, and the like. Then the water park, then back to the choice few rides that I could ride untill 10 pm. Here's what happened. Raging Bull... I've rode this ride before, in Louisville (come on, you can say it right: Louie-ville, or if you really know: Louavull. regahhhdles. This ride was called "Chang" the last time I rode it, and the last time I rode it was with my buddy from Louisville (I'm not walking you through proper pronounciation again, buddy) whose name in not Bill. It's Van. Yep, Van and I rode Chang. So there I was, face to face with Chang again so I called Van and said "I'm face to face with Chang again." I got on the ride and screemed like a 14 year old girl for less than 2 minutes. After dimembarking the ride, I noticed that my phone was missing. It had fallen... from 117 feet... at around 50 mph... and plumetted to it's doom. I walked back to the ride and some girl handed the remains of my phone. 3 chunks of phone. Yes, I said chunks. Not being too upset with that, I continued to ride things, the best of which was the swings. You heard me, the swings. It was the perfect 1.2 minute power nap. Then I returned to Chicago and got drunk, wait, let me capatolize that, DRUNK with Dan (who rode Chang with me) and Dave, who is my boss. After punching and being punched by them repeatedly, I figured that my night was over, so I came back to my house and my broken computer and got on my room-mates mac and wrote this... i know that i am forgetting things... like the title of this one. Turkey town. Synopsis... At the top of the Superman ride, you know, the part where you are being cranked up the big hill really slowly and all the blood rushes to your head for the few miliseconds before it all is forced to the tips of your toes when the rest of the train goes over the top most hump and your now bloodless face flaps like a flag of flesh in a huricane. Well, at that point, right before the last car went over the edge and all of my five senses were ablaze with anticipation, I yelled out "take me to Turkey Town" for reasons only I will know. Next thing I heard was a 14 year old girl next to me crying out, "I don't want to go to Turkey Town!" in the type of voice that only a 14 year old girl in fear of her life can create. Turkey Town, here I come.