Friday, September 29, 2006

Troubles in Parisite

I keep finding tid-bits from years past. Here is the latest find.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004 9:31 PM
life fuckin sucks

My truck broke today and now I'm super fucking pissed

I feel like I should go crazy, like it will take some stress off me. I'm unemployed and I'm now in the hole for $700 for the fucking truck, I got no clean cloths and my face itches.

I feel like running the 7 miles to the park, ripping all my cloths off and jumping in the pond and quaking like a duck untill I get locked up. I feel like running down the street with a big sign that says, "run me down and I'll let you borrow my Fleetwood Mac collection," or "honk if you need an abortion." I feel like building a catapolt and launching monkeys at the next town over and calling it an act of war. I feel like taking a skinny dump on my front porch and naming it Harry Potter. I feel like hunting down the easter bunny and skinning it. I feel like yelling at children for no reason untill I'm horse and my throat is raw and my face is red. I feel like burning every scratch and sniff book ever published. I feel like dying my hair red, then blue, then green, then orange, then red again and telling people I got in a fight with the kool-aid guy. I feel like making fun of a cripple then confessing to a priest then making fun of the priest and confessing to a cripple. I feel like wresteling the next person I met on the street. I feel like I don't have any rules to live by and I'm super pissed. I feel like jamming the garbage disposal full of junk mail. I feel like banging my head into a wall untill the only thing I can remember is the "My Little Pony" theme song. I feel like blaming the worlds problems on the French. Fuck the French. I feel like riding a tricycle through a mine feild. I feel taking a phone questionair about my long distance provider. I feel like telling every student on the face of the planet the 10 commandments in Japanese. I feel like boiling three gallons of water untill there is no more water to boil, then wearing the pan as a hat for 76 hours. I feel like breaking every window on my street and blaming it on the old folks home around the corner. I feel like playing with matches. I feel like dressing up in a clown suit and hanging out at shooting ranges. I fell like I'm losing my mind.

I feel better

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