Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why I Hate The DNC

1) It is pure and simple propaganda; chalked full of empty promises, pointless rhetoric and he said / she said political party separation.

2) It doesn’t lay out policy so the DNC isn’t really a political convention, it just lays out blame for all the problems that we are in (and there are a shit load of those) and reiterates who the majority of Democratic voters have chosen to be blamed for not being able to fix these problems within the next four or eight years.

3) It is a weeklong “Obama is great” party, thrown by people who think “Obama is great” for people who think “Obama is great.”

4) It effectively widens the gap between left and right, which in turn creates political enemies of the two parties and creates the scenario of two opposite powers vying for power over the whole country, which in my book is a political war.

5) P.U.M.A. – Political Unity My Ass. An actual group of people who were Clinton supporters and who now refuse to support Obama. She lost the race, and did it by the rules. She has since conceded and, even though she said during her presidential campaign that McCain is more presidential than Obama, she wants her supporters to support the party that she is part of. Sure it was close, but pull your heads out of your PUMAsses and support the candidate that best represents her ideals and positions. I don’t think that light shines on McCain, like Debra Bartoshevick wants you to believe.

6) There is no recognition of 3rd party politics, which, if recognized, could easily end the redundancy and monotomy of our failed two party system where the two sides of the isle are literally pitted against each other in every contest.

All this being said, I fully support Obama because I think Obama is great. And I think this guy, Dan, is smart and well spoken.

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