Tuesday, March 17, 2009

YouTube - or - MeTube

More people have read this journal than have looked at my videos. That is comforting to me. It renews my faith in the written word. I like most of you people more than I like most Youtubers, but there is a small group of people on YouTube that have captured my undivided attention. Here's a list. If you are so inclined, check um out. Or don't, I'll never know either way.

Jordan Middlebrook
Tara & Natalie
Kat Confidential
Moonlight Mitch

This is not even close to the number of written word writers that I check up on daily, but since 2009 started, YouTube has been getting a lot of attention from me. Ahh the joys of under employment.

That last one gives me mustache envy. Those girls are flippin' rad.

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