Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monday night gang fight

Be warned, I'm drunk. But it seemed like a good time to (post stuff). Yes, it's monday night, but I work on the weekend, every weekend and I have a recording session in the morning, but that's only if you count noon as part of the morning, which I sometimes do. That being said, tomorrow morning, I have a session at noon.

I just came back from a dive bar. I don't think that it's worth going to expensive bars durring the week, or the month or year for that matter. If I wanted to be distracted by large amounts of flat plasma I'd jump into a volcano. Alas, there are no volcano's in Chicago, which is a good thing. So I was at a dive bar and I saw a gang fight. Snoopy is a Latin King. Some poor Mexican, who was very bad at singing along to Mexican songs I'd never heard before, beat Snoopy at pool and, as a result, Snoopy tried to choke him / kill him. I meet Snoopy because I was drinking Scotch, which he thought was Tequila. In my years, I've learned that anyone drinking Scotch in a bar wants to be older than they actually are. In my defense, I'm old enough and just want something to slow me down after a long night. Regardless of why I was drinking Scotch, my new buddy, Snoopy, decided the best thing for him to do was to try to beat the crap out of some guy that beat him in pool. He got kicked out of the dive bar after disrupting some perfectly docile chairs with a very surprised pool victor. I, thinking it was a joke, laughed out loud. Then I realized that it wasn't a joke and jumped in, dragged my new acquaintance, Snoopy, off some other stranger, all the while being called a 'nigga' by a very angry Latin King with fire behind his eyes. Snoopy left, I returned to my Scotch unscathed, and I drank my unscathed Scotch. I'm not sure why I keep capitalizing Scotch, it's just one of those drinks that takes it's self so seriously that I feel that it should start with a capital letter. Am I wrong? It's possible. Who can say? Regardless. I walked across the street to my apt and figured I should write this all down (after e-mailing it all to a different stranger, yes, a stranger that is stranger to me than you). So that is what happened to me tonight. Behold! I've got nothing better to do than to write this down, until tomorrow morning at noon. That's when I've got something better to do.


  1. So, you are fightin' Mexicans now? Dude, what kind of immigration policy is that wacked shitte?! Trippe!

  2. "If I wanted to be distracted by large amounts of flat plasma I'd jump into a volcano."