Friday, August 03, 2007

Bull Balls and Onion Rings

I ate bull balls at a Rodeo. I was no where near as excited as this little lady was, but I couldn't say no to um.

In order for people to eat bull balls, they are pounded flat, fried, and served with shrimp cocktail sauce. Once that is done, they are called Rocky Mountain Oysters. I ate them. They look like this...

I ate them at a Rodeo in Colorado called the Greeley Stampede. I saw kids ride sheep.
I saw belt buckles and bought one with an angry rattlesnake on it. And I ate balls damnit.
So the next time someone tells me to "eat balls" I can tell them I already did, with cocktail sauce.
I also ate Crocodile, but I don't think anyone cares about that. Bull balls, now that's something to tell my grandkids about.

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