Monday, January 12, 2009

Samson Was A Bad Ass - or - I Could Improve The Bible, It Just Needs A Part Written For Me

It is a strange sensation, being alive in bad times. That’s all I’ve seemed to understand over the last couple months; these are strange sensations, and these are bad times.

It is strange to think that the people that I know best can look at me and think, “so this is what a face dive looks like,” and the people that know me mostly in passing can look at me and think, “he’s looking better than ever.” It makes me wonder who is more wrong. Regardless. I’ve found a new place to look for humor; it’s the Holy Bible. I haven’t been hit by lightning yet, but if He has any aim at all, He’ll get me. And if the good lord doesn’t have good aim, then I’m going to laugh while the world burns around me. Someone very crucial to me being who I am, once said to me, “The problem with being a martyr is that you have to die.” I can honestly say that nothing in my life has enough drive that I would die for it. Samson was, and continues to be, a complete badass, but in today’s ideology, he’d be considered a terrorist. Who knows which side is right? I don’t.

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  1. Um...the bible is hilarious. Check out: Judges 3:12-30. It's a story about poop! Lots of poop!