Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Response To Krumbine And Heather Maira - or - A One Sided Coverstaion In A 2D World

Ahhh, my two favorite strangers! They broke the mold after each of you were made. I must respond to your comments on my Self Empowerment post. But before I do, I just want to say that you guys fucking rock. For everyone who wants to know what the tips of the proverbial icebergs that are these two iconic personalities look like, here are two links that will give you a bit of an idea.

Krumbine's exploration of the inner workings of his mind, soul, and lower intestine. The Hunger
Heather's take on why we, as a race, have a permanent ticket to ride the failboat. IDEALISM

Krumbine, you are a hit-pandering, singled-minded, uncomplicated, idiotic extrovert if you truly feel that this entire Obsquatch.blogspot project of mine, which spans more than three years of my life, was irrelevant until a second party came along to appreciate it. That being said, I don't think that you are any of those thing. In fact, I love you. But, I must respond to your idea that, "Writing [is] nothing without an audience." This journal of mine goes back years; from the time I had a girlfriend who lived over 4000 miles away, to the day of our break up; from the best days of my life in Chicago, to the worst hangovers I've had in my life; stories of my childhood in Vermont, stories of my closest friends reinventing themselves in their 30's. This is not for you, or Heather, or Grace, or Tripp, or Swampthing, or anyone. This is my record of the things that I wanted to write down, when I wanted to write them down. Much like my video making, there are no drafts, and very little editing, I just plop it out. I agree that for it to be entertainment, there needs to be an audience, but this is not entertainment, it's how I get my thoughts out. Nonetheless, I admire your sense of exhibitionism, your creativity, and your huge balls for writing, producing, and starting in (as all of the rolls) a sitcom that features you having a love interest that is a puppet, who has a love interest that is a zombie puppet, who has a love interest who is a gay puppet, who is a coworker of a large, blue, Welsh-sounding, talking penis named Richard Johnson. Huge balls, man. I admire you.

Heather. I was sad to see you leave YouTube, mostly for my own sordid reasons, but also because I knew there was more to know about you, making you in the great words of Donald Rumsfield, a known unknown. I think that I said it best on your site when I said YouTube isn't going to miss you. YouTube will forever ogle you like a false idol, or in this case, an amazing pair of false idols. The snippets of the real you that you put out there (my favorite was the, "devil is doing us a favor" post, which, alas, you have pulled down) wasn't what the mindless, dick-waving, e-zombies wanted to see, and they let you know it. And to a degree, you pandered to their interest, and to a degree I'm sure you loved the attention. But in the end, it seems to have bitten you a bit harder than you thought it would. You are smarter than they are. You have thoughtful, controversial, and meaningful ideas that you wanted to share and contribute. Meanwhile, the drooling masses took up the chant, that you yourself admittedly started, and all but drowned your ideas in a sea of "Boobs!" I continue to check out your site, I like reading your entries, smiling at your cynicism, nodding my head at your lack of faith in humanity, and gagging at the poems. I'm not a poetry guy, except for Kafka, and Dante, and to a lesser degree, Whitman. So, I'll do my best to stop drooling and will look forward to the next thing you have to say. I admire you for being more than MissPacman08.

So, there ya go. That should clear up a few things for you Krumbine, and that should make you want to be my wife, Heather Maria. And with that, I will now vanish in a puff of smoke. I'm Batman!

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  1. You nailed it with Heather being more than just MissPacman08.

    I won't defend myself because I agree with you too much to play devil's advocate. Suffice it to say, even in journaling, you have an audience--even if that audience is nothing more than yourself appreciating the process.

    Still one of my favorite people, on and off youtube.

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  3. This post comes up every time I google myself. What? Like you don't? Shit ...

    Anyhow, I read it again and was reminded earlier of the disagreements Heather and I have had in the past and how we are all the friends that we are today ... and mostly I'm just happy about that.

    Also, you spelled Heather's name wrong in your title. Asshole.