Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Most Impressive Song Lyric Ever - or - Old Friends In Hardcore Bands

My buddy, Dave, the guy I got in a 4am drunken fight with on the streets of San Diego during our 30th birthday celebration, yeah that guy, well, he's a motherfucking bad ass. I just listened to the newest song from his new grind-core band, The 25th Hour, and one line in particular jumped out at me.

"This should be the least of your worries for you are about to be mauled by a fucking bear. A FUCK-ING BEAAAAAAAAAAAAR!" - The 25th hour, Isosceles Triangulist

The barbaric honesty, totaly absurdity, and ball-punching brutality of that one line rockets this band to the near top of my "favorite lyric" list. If you can understand the guttural ear drum cheese grater vocals, you'll hear some funny stuff in there. Enjoy?

"The song is about the apocalypse coming to Las Vegas in the form of thousands of rabid bears. Then David Copperfield tries to save them. And fails."
-David Martin

He wrote this bad ass madness.

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