Monday, September 07, 2009

Lupine Lets Loose The Hate [Edited]

LupineL00pine is crazy, but at least he's crazy on my side, I think. That the problem with trusting crazy people; they are crazy. Here is a list of my favorite Lupine comments directed at the seemingly infinite stream of small minded people that cross his path.

I'm not a congenital error magnet like you, you shit balled, brain dead dick tickler

I shall delight in obliterating you typo prone, poor witted, silt titted gnats.

You are your own best insult.

you illiterate cunt waffle.

[Your Dad] wakes up every morning when your Mom decides to peel his face from her tar pit of a vagina.

You insult a person and then apologize for bad grammar?

The 3 minutes spent watching this video pales in comparison to the 39 years [you’ve] spent in a mindless stupor.

The last few cells in your head are precious.

Q: What inspired you to write such a… unique response?
A: My love for hate.


  1. Wow I had no idea that this had happened. Those cowardly shits!

  2. I loved watching you and Loopy go at it. Its good to know we've (well Jen at least) have got good people on our side, ready to verbally castrate whatever leeches finds themselves on our path.

    Honestly, you and Lupine on your gallant and ridiculously well-endowed white horses and an armor made of porn-magazine-paper-mache is the very reason why I love our tiny youtube community oh so much. It almost brings a tear to my eye....

    Love you both.

  3. Ah, good times. I miss them already! Typing so much necessarily leads to lots of typos, which is an annoying drawback, but the joy... oh the joy!
    I can't wait for Jens next viral video.

    I'm definitely on your side Ob, and I'll gladly come up with more textual diarrhea for any Darksider in such a situation... or on observing something infinitely stupid taking place before my Kerry thighs.