Monday, November 16, 2009

Pssst, Wanna See Something Cool? - or - Great, Now How The Hell Am I Gonna Beat That!

Do you see that big guy on the right of the President of the United States Of America? Yeah, the one with the green pants and the shiny gold name tag. That's my brother. When he sent me this photo, the quote that went along with it was, "I've been told when you have one of these, you show everyone." I can help that cause. My bro is bigger than Obama.


  1. Anonymous3:32 PM can you top that? Maybe...a pic of you making out with Michelle? I think that'd work...

  2. BrotherFromTheSameMother11:25 PM

    Ahh brosuf,
    Thank you for taking this to your masses.
    -Fraternal Unit #1

  3. I vote a picture of you making out with ME would be much more impressive.

  4. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Yes, make out with Heather Maria and post it! ;-) Or you can make out with me!;-)