Sunday, January 31, 2010

Decisions: Bad vs. Good - or - Time To Act

“You have got to make decisions. You’ve got to keep making decisions, even if they are wrong decisions. If you stop making decisions, you are stuffed.”

-Joe Simpson, a world renowned mountaineer, on how to stay motivated when you have been left for dead in an ice crevasse inside of an isolated Peruvian glacier after breaking your leg at the top of a 20,813 ft mountain and surviving a 150 ft drop because your climbing partner, who is single handedly trying to execute your rescue, cuts your belay rope unaware that you are dangling helplessly off the edge of cliff, sending you failing into said crevasse miles away from any form of civilization.

It's apparent to almost everyone that I meet, failed relationships in particular, that I have my bouts with my own anger. What used to seem to me like a long fuse on a near impossible to ignite flare up of easily overcome anger, has in the past year become a very touchy hair trigger to a tanker truck full of emotional nitroglycerin. I get pissed off a bit too easily, a bit too often as of late. And of course it's always focused at the wrong people. I'm gonna fix it, because I'm beginning to feel a little bit broken.

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  1. Anonymous6:01 PM

    You and me both buddy. I'll be pulling for you.