Tuesday, October 16, 2007

CLP #8: WWJT,B? Who Would Jesus Taze, Bro?

I couldn't help myself. I only hope cupid is a merciful second shot, cause last time that son of a bitch gave me a black eye, and kicked me when I was down.

incase you missed it, here is my posting for me, really.


  1. You are an absolute gem. I mean it. No foolin'. :D

  2. I'd totally date you.

  3. The deal is off. You're already acting like a dirty skank.

    Love your ex-betrothed,


  4. It had to be done...

    1) I am a 21-year-old scriptwriter that attends language and psychology classes. I work when the mood strikes me, as an editor for website content, as a production assistant for random short films or instructional work safety videos – or as an extra in movies or commercials where they desperately need white people.

    2) I don’t make a lot of money – but I don’t spend any of it. Instead I live with my Dad who is CEO of a foreign-invested private mining company. He looks for gold (and finds it). He also smokes weed everyday – and has for the last 30 years. Check out his legacy here (http://www.solfotara.com).

    3) I am 5’9” on a good day and far too clumsy to risk wearing heels. 120lbs with dark brown hair that turns wavy if I don’t brush it for a few days and blue eyes that always reveal too much. I like old school video games, getting caught in the rain, unanswerable questions, meaningful arguments, vanilla ice-cream, batman and Freud.

    4) I am currently obsessed with the inner workings of a certain charmer’s mind that stays locked away other side of the world. For now.

    5) I avoid all Asian karaoke bars at any cost. It’s a long story.

    6) I am posting this as a comment that only one person ever needs to see.

    7) Everything I just wrote here is true – but I think you’ll believe me. From one stranger to another, I have no reason to lie.