Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Buddy the House Plant: This Lily's no Pansy

There’s no culture like Horticulture like no culture I know.

This is my obsession. These are my buddies. They mean more to me that you ever will. I am making trading cars for my house plants, this is the first.

Spathiphyllum: The Peace Lily

Name: Spathiphyllum
Pronounceable Name: The Peace Lily
Nick Names: Monkey Dick, The Green Peace Monster, Steve
Age: 5 1/5 years
Number of times re-potted: 5 (6 including a freezer bag, which isn't a pot)
Other facts:
This is the one that started it all, this exact plant. It was a gift from a heart-breaker who thought that my pig sty apartment needed something to brighten it up. Over the course of it's 5 1/2 year life, this Peace Lily has lived in 7 different apartments, has been split in half to be donated to a kindergarden class along with a plastic penguin, has traveled over 1600 miles in shotgun of my (down deceased) pick-up truck while planted in a plastic freezer bag of dirt, and has been brought back from the brink of death multiple times. At it's most meager moments, it was only 5 semi-healthy/semi-dead leaves in a large coffee mug which was it's home after living in the plastic bag. Now, in all it's glory, my Peace Lily has the largest pot in the house, is a whopping 3'6" and takes up an entire window by itself.

Interest and Hobbies:
Architecture, WWII documentaries, Mini Golf, Women with missing toes, Turkish folklore.


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    your plant it's very beautiful! it's seems to be very happy! Congratulations from spain!

  2. Anonymous12:06 AM

    this looks like plant i have just got from moms funeral dont have green thumb f anyone knows how do i take care of it.

    1. East window, morning sunshine, lots of water. If there is too much sun, it will start to burn, move it away from that window, it will be fine. If there is not enough water, it will wilt, give it water, it will be fine. If there is too much water, it will yellow, cut off the yellow leaves, it will be fine. If it is happy, it will flower all the time. Tada!