Monday, December 29, 2008

Holy Crap, I'm Famous - or - Devilmas Is For The Children

Have a whorey, gory Devilmas.

I might have just started a new heterosexual long distance relationship with a schizophrenic zombie enthusiast. Take a look.

So, I am now beaming while prancing around my tiny apartment in this tiny leather studded thong. It's like a hair and leather tornado in a here. I think I just made myself gag. Happy Devilmas.

Krumbine on YouTube
The Origins of Devilmas
Krumbine's Website
Misspacman08's take on the responsibilities, moral actions, and the true purpose of the Devil. Noodle scratcher.


  1. Um ... I'm not one to criticize (really, I'm not!) but getting mentioned in a krumbinesBRAIN episode is HARDLY the definition of famous.

    But I do talk about you again in the next one ;)

  2. send me your email addy so I can respond to your yt message. I'm at work and they won't let me youtube :(

    jordancg at gmail