Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Potibul Quotables - or - Where Did All These Fires Come From?

Two days ago, I got laid off from the Greenhouse. Yesterday, I became deathly ill and am currently on the hunt for a vampire to bite me so I will never get this sick again. Today, I am wrapped up in plaid flannels and puffy fleece like an inflatable redneck burrito. It reminds me of nothing, so here are some interesting quotes from people you probably don’t know unless one of them is you, and if that is so, see what kind of profound effect you’ve have on my life?

"Bring a bunch of freezer zip-loc bags to the 'Employee Appreciation Lunch,' and just stock up for the next few months of unemployment."

“I wake up every day wondering what the hell I am doing in upstate friggin New York;
can this possibly be my life? I pretend to look for a job every day, because there aren't any. I'm looking for a new band and working on some original tunes, and I'm also waiting for my acceptance letter from UAlbany. But what am I DOING here? That's a long story… It involves an upset ex-girlfriend, a judge and a probation officer”

“As much as I try not to admit it, I’m really good at being stood up as I am currently out on a date with nobody. Drinking alone has lost it’s allure, that’s if it ever had any allure in the first place, which it totally does even though I won’t admit that either.”

“I’m sitting in my toilet room”

“No one has put so much time into saying so little over the course of so many opportunities, and done it with such grace and style as Phil Collins. He is truly my hero.”

“We need to rewrite the Ten Commandments. First off, Don’t Be Nervous. Secondly, Don’t Be Creepy. I’m going to hold off on the other eight, as I’m going through these kinda quickly.”

David: Dude when we invented armpitting, we changed the world.
me: Is that where all those fires came from?
David: Probably
me: Im gonna quote you on that, just so you know
David: Good! The world is ready!

“God damn the whole fucking world, and everyone in it but you, Carlotta.”
-The dying words of W.C. Fields, his wife’s name was Harriet.

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  1. where the fuck have you been all my life?? er, youtube life? internet life?

    either way--i'm loving each and every bit of it!