Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Make An Unlikly Friend - or - I'm Showing My Hand

Fear divides us from each other. Fear deviates us from our own potential. Fear makes us make irrational decisions for the sake of self preservation, for example, I fear Hippos and will punch you in the throat if you make me hang out with one. I don't fear things that are commonly feared. I never have. Heights, snakes, driving in NYC, knives, guns, spiders, thunderstorms, blood, needles, dentists, God's wrath, midgets, weird food, Republicans, hotdogs from 7-11, they all make me shrug my shoulders and say, "meh." Sometimes, beer helps.

"Fear not, citizen, I'll save you!"

"Gimme eight!"


  1. Did you get a spider??? Can I hold him/her? What's it's name?? I've always wanted a tarantula!

    Are you coming up to the Holy Father's this Sunday? We need to hang out...I need to get drunk. Let's make this happen.

  2. I'm with you on all but heights. I consider the 7-11 hot dogs just adding to my body's catalog of bad nasty's that it's prepared to defend against.

  3. Mmm... spider's mine.. if you bring that into the bedroom i'll cut every single one of your plants and watch them bleed.

    other than that... how've you been? =)