Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mr. or Mrs. Sweden Is Totally Checkin Me Out - or - Having Fun Before Vacation

Part I

Someone in Uppsala Lan, Sweden loves me. Where is Uppsala Lan? Right here.

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I wish I was in Uppsala right now. I'd go to the Linnaeus' Garden, or Linnéträdgården in Swedish. It was planned and planted by Olaus Rudbeck, a professor of medicine at Uppsala University, in 1655. Rudbeck also built the house adjacent to the garden, which is where I would go and demand booze and a lawn chair to complete my garden party. I hope my new Swedish friend would join me. I'll by the first round.

Part II

I find this button to be most useful. Warning, only press in a true Emergency.

Part III

This is the funniest thing I've heard today.
"How do you spell Bear Repellent."
"Not like that."
"Well, just tell me how to spell it."
"Ok. Q, Q, Q, X."

It comes from this video. That probably means I just ruined the scene. Snape Kills Dumbledor!

Part IV

I'm going on vacation. I'm headed to New York City at stupid o'clock tomorrow morning, getting drunk with two very good friends of mine, and then driving to Vermont for a wedding this Saturday. I can't wait to see topography again. I really really really miss Vermont. I'll say hi for you.


  1. are you going to record another video with pigs and a tractor in it?
    won't THAT be a challenge in the big apple...

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Found you on youtube when I was searching for new books to read. I'm actually hosting a garden party of my own tonight. Massive amounts of beer will be consumed in your and Rudbecks honor!

    -Mr. Sweden

  3. hey dude, Rudbeck is also a botanist, or was. he has plants named after him-but you probably know that!

    im in sweden & im checkin' you out too.