Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Adopting The Coping Mechanism Of A Brazilian Prostitute In Love In Switzerland - or - I'm Not Dead Yet

Tomorrow is my 31st birthday. I’m not having a party and I’m not morning the death of my youth. I just want to go out for dinner. Here’s an excerpt from the book I am slowly reading.

To avoid beautiful thoughts turning into suffering, she developed a method: when something positive to do with him came into her head, she would stop what she was doing, smile up at the sky and give thanks for being alive and to be expecting nothing from the man she loved.

On the other hand, if her heart began to complain about his absence, she would say to herself:
“Oh, so you want to think about that, do you? All right, then, you do what you like, while I get on with more important things.”


  1. happy birthday nerd. xoxo

  2. The old fart gets older. If only there was something comforting about this thought.

  3. Holy shitmonkey you're old.

  4. Happy belated birthday you wonderful cold hearted bastard. Eleven minutes is a pretty good book. Yes, the ending is pretty fucking great.
    *Looks at the nail marks on his ass and screams with himself s'more*
    If you think that's bad.. wait till you see the table! Yes.. I scratched my own ass and the table, but the point is I love myself till I'm more tender than some of them bacon strips you like squatch. Did.. did that make me a bit juicy for ye?
    *wishes it did*

    I'm reading The Witch of Portobello, and I'm a third of the way through right now. It's probably going to be my favourite Coelho book. I can't relate with his anthropocentric universal theory and stuff that he brings up for a variety of reasons, but the style of the book and the nature of "the witch" has pretty much got me hooked. Check it out if you haven't already.