Monday, July 20, 2009

Lunch Break Rambling - or - Lack Of Content Proves The Existance Of A Savings Account

I get a half hour lunch break. Unpaid. Always rushed. I am currently eating a chicken breast, drinking Orange Kool-Aid, doing my dishes, cleaning up from last night's impromptu party on my roof, and wondering when how I can justify pulling down that last post. I kinda hate it. There is a lot of garbage that flies though my head every five minutes.


  1. That last post is in some way, insignificant or otherwise, whether you like it or not, a part of you. An attempt to conceal and disguise it is merely a way of depriving us of appreciating you in a more complete way. If all of us were to type bloody fast for five minutes, quite a lot of us would produce similar works of art. So that's the truth. It doesn't matter what people think. All your works are awesome, including the last post. Plus it's educational to help people spew their own crap and see where it goes. What on earth are the cons sufficient to warrant the removal of that post over the pros?

  2. doesn't that defeat the point of self-censorship? or something like that? I suddenly feel compelled to to ramble for a bit ... not necessarily because we're talking about your masterpiece of rambling blog posts that ramble incessantly, but because dear Lupine seems to have a bit of a complex about leaving short comments. Not necessarily that someone ELSE leaves short comments, but--in fact--that someone else's much LONGER comment makes his own comment seem smaller. In comparison, that is. Kinda makes you think about penises. Well, maybe it doesn't, but it certainly made me think about tiny cocks. The birds, not the peckers. Or am I confused? Really, now: does looking at gay midget porn raise questions about your own sexual preference??