Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Time – or – Arts And Crafts 90’s Rock

Doing anything besides driving while listening to NPR makes getting things accomplished a lot more difficult. Although NPR is a vital news source and the stories are interesting, once I park my car I am usually depressed and I want to hide my head in the sand and wait for better, brighter days (Obama). This is most likely because NPR reports what is actually happening in the world, not the candy coated, un-news crap that most news sources latch onto. Regardless. I was at a Pumpkin-ing Gathering last night, maybe it was a party. There was Jameson Irish Whiskey, which is starting to seem ever present in my life, and there was cauldron of apple cider that went well with the Jameson, and there were pumpkins that demanded creativity, and there were friends who have been friends beyond belief so believe me they are friends, and if that constitutes a party, then I was at a Pumpkin-ing Party. We were, for some reason, listening to NPR, first All Things Considered, then local news, then the BBC news, then some story about poverty in Brooklyn. NPR seemed to sap both the creativity in the conversation between the pumpkin-ers and also the levels of joy in the room the pumpkin-ers were trying to “drink, carve, and be merry” in. The creative thoughts that were to be transposed from the pumpkin-ers brains onto the pumpkins were not dampened by NPR, possibly the opposite and many a good idea was born during this emotionally turbulent time, but once the radio was changed to a 90’s pop rock station with a catchy call number jingle, pumpkin carving productivity took a huge upswing, as did whiskey consumption and all around revelry. Although motivating, the musical selection was also conducive to increased levels of, “this song sucks,” and, “wow, this song really sucks.” The common response to these statements was, “yes, it does.” Long live crap music.

This is my Mobius strip Jack-O-Lantern. I thought it up myself

Behold, Alan and the helm of Pump-ed-ness and son (kin?)

What, you want pictures? Damn you.

Nights made of awesome are... awesome? Thanks.

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  1. !!! i cleaned my room today (inspired by obama's win) and i found your blog!