Monday, October 05, 2009

Feelin' Zippy - or - A New Obsession

Last wednesday I went Go Kart racing. It was amazing. I left with some bruised ribs, burns from the engine block up and down my right arm, a ringing in my ear, whiplash from being driven into the walls by some of my closest friends, and the biggest smile I've had in years.

I was told that I was "dangerous to drive behind," by one of my friends who drove me into the walls. I was also told not the eat the free sausage that was part of the buffet line that the party before us let us dive into once they had eaten their fill. I ignored that advice and regretted it after a few turns on the first race.

I'm headed back to the track tonight with the other obsessed members of our Go Karting team.

My race name is Speedy Mofo, and I am dangerous out there.

1 comment:

  1. Cool dude. Smashing folks and seeing shit go fast before your eyes has got to be fun. Man, I hope the team is at least called the Squatcheroos.... something has to be called that dammit. Something with you in it of course. Hell, call a sex move where you switch your hand with your dick, unbeknownst to a suspecting female, at an unintended, intentional moment ... a "squatcheroo" ... or call the move where you hold her close and upright and jump all over the room in large leaps while humping her mid-air a squatcheroo (or you can call that a squatcheroo deux (or doo) if you like). My point.... my ever existing point, shall remain that a move or a group involving you MUST be called "The Squatcheroo(s)" . It just has too!

    Oh, and thanks for blogging again. It's gonna help me in my present (hopeful.. extremely momentary) frame of mind.