Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Imelda Sessions #1 - or - Toast

I recently jammed with Imelda De La Cruz.

I mess up a lot, but we are practicing as often as we can and will someday play a show together and you will be invited. Until then, enjoy.

Let's pretend that we haven't lost
Any time.
Let's go on like there's nothing wrong,
Before we loose our minds.
Like dream, like a song, like a beautiful lie
I don't know why it has to be
So flawless all the time.
Let's just skip the history
Of your perfect life.
Like a wind that blows
All the beauty for miles.
So raise a glass to forgetting
Seedy pasts
For never wanting
To make this last
Yes, I'll drink to that.


  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    She has an amazing voice, and I really love that song! I hope I can hear you guys do a show together sometime soon!

  2. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Ofcourse I Ruv it but then again I Ruv you both! ;-)

    gabe ;-)

  3. That song was the shiznitz man. She's a bucket of awesome topped with a heaping helping of amazing.