Thursday, October 29, 2009

Otherwise Happiness - or - ZNZN Is Selling A School Of Fish

I was gifted another fish. This one had been living in the filtering bucket of the Koi pond in the Greenhouse, undisturbed, unfed, and out of sunlight for probably close to a year. There were two of them, both very pale; almost translucent, white and silver, with blue and gold flecks around the eyes.


So, after work we had a couple IPAs and he gave me one of the pale, almost see-through, silvery, lil' fishies. I named him Subway Tan. That's the kind of tan that one would get if they spent their life underground; pale, translucent, and blue around the eyes.

Oblivious to the sordid details surround his existence, Subway Tan is an otherwise happy fish.

ZNZN is a close friend of mine from, gasp, the 90's. Together, we've been classmates, roommates, Go-Kart-mates, and drinking buddies. I've spent Thanksgiving at his families table, but most importantly, ZNZN and I were in a Nirvana / Weezer / Pixies cover band together called The Sofa Kings. At his surface and at his core, he is an artist. ZNZN has started an online store for his version of found art. This piece blows me away.

The description reads as follows:

I dated a beautiful girl when I lived in Philadelphia. She gave me a bag of dried sardines as a going away present when I moved to Greenville. Smelly, potent and in a bag. Just like our relationship.

I made This to commemorate That. Approximately 2' x 2'


I guess that means that...
Oblivious to the sordid details surrounding their existence post mortem, the subjects in the piece School Of Fish are otherwise happy dead fish.

To own School Of Fish, click here.

[edit]Why did I edit this post? Cause I don't know if it would get me fired and I'm not willing to find out. Cheers.


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Bubba. Those fish ARE pretty happy encased in all that shellac and paint. Way better than soup stock...

  2. Wow. I'm sure as hell glad I read this before it was edited. Censorship sucks, but so does living in the real world. That is why I choose to fabricate my own existence in a land of rainbows and unicorns that curse and say whatever they want.